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date Apr 30, 08 11:41 PM



Ryan O'Neal made a trip to the store today to pick up some essentials and we came upon him as he unloaded his goods, including groceries and some fresh flowers, from the car in his garage at his Malibu home.

date Apr 30, 08 01:06 PM



blog_isaac_mizrahi_02.jpg blog_calvin_klein_01.jpg blog_richard_belzer_09.jpg

Maroon 5's Adam Levine, actress Karen Duffy, fashion Icons Calvin Klein and Isaac Mizrahi and actor Richard Belzer were among the stars who enjoyed an evening at The Waverly Inn in New York City last night.

date Apr 30, 08 01:03 PM


blog_kelly_carlson_mr_chow_02.jpg blog_kelly_carlson_mr_chow_05.jpg blog_kelly_carlson_mr_chow_08.jpg

"Nip/Tuck" star Kelly Carlson was all smiles last night as she signed autographs for fans while leaving the restaurant Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills.

date Apr 30, 08 12:59 PM


blog_robert_downey_jr_letterman_06.jpg blog_alicia_keys_letterman_04.jpg blog_robert_downey_jr_letterman_08.jpg

Alicia Keys and Robert Downey, Jr. signed autographs for fans last night outside the "Late Show with David Letterman" studio in New York City.

date Apr 30, 08 12:54 PM


blog_amanda_bynes_parents_05.jpg blog_amanda_bynes_parents_08.jpg blog_amanda_bynes_parents_07.jpg

"What I Like About You" and Hairspray star Amanda Bynes enjoyed dinner last night with her parents and signed autographs for fans at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills.

date Apr 29, 08 10:08 PM



Matthew Broderick left his New York City home earlier today to attend the premiere of his new film, Finding Amanda, which tells the story of a television producer with a penchant for drinking and gambling who is sent to Las Vegas to convince his troubled niece to enter rehab.

date Apr 29, 08 09:48 PM


According to a statement released by the Palm Springs Police Department, Gary Dourdan was arrested and booked for possession of narcotics and possession of dangerous drugs on Monday, April 28. After booking, he was released on $5,000 bail. At approximately 5:12 a.m. a patrol officer saw an occupied vehicle parked on the wrong side of the street with the interior light on and the occupant of the vehicle in the driver's seat sleeping. The officer identified the occupant as Robert Gary Durdin (aka Dourdan) and described him as disoriented and possibly under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

date Apr 29, 08 04:07 PM


blog_catherine_zeta_jones_rebounder_03.jpg blog_catherine_zeta_jones_rebounder_10.jpg blog_catherine_zeta_jones_rebounder_13.jpg

Catherine Zeta-Jones was on location in New York today filming the new movie The Rebound in which she plays a single mom who captivates her new neighbor, a much younger man.

date Apr 29, 08 03:32 PM



blog_hilary_haylie_duff_nyc_hotel_15.jpg blog_hilary_haylie_duff_nyc_hotel_08.jpg blog_hilary_haylie_duff_nyc_hotel_10.jpg

Hilary and Haylie Duff signed autographs for fans as they left their NYC hotel for a night on the town in the city with some guy friends. They later attended the party for "War, Inc." at the Cadillac Lounge at Tenjune.

date Apr 29, 08 03:26 PM


blog_natasha_richardson_liam_neeson_03.jpg blog_blake_lively_01.jpg blog_ed_burns_christy_turlington_01.jpg

Mary-Kate Olsen, Natasha Richardson, Liam Neeson, Blake Lively, Christy Turlington and Ed Burns were among the attendees of the Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Dinner at the Greenwich Hotel's AGO in New York last night.

date Apr 29, 08 03:23 PM



Lindsay Lohan's mom, Dina Lohan, did her best to hide her face from the cameras as she left the club Butter last night with famous paparazzo Steve Sands in New York.

date Apr 29, 08 03:19 PM



Anthony Anderson left his Manhattan hotel last night with a group of friends on his way out for a night in New York City.

date Apr 29, 08 12:04 PM


blog_speed_racer_berlin_premiere_09.jpg blog_speed_racer_berlin_premiere_04.jpg blog_speed_racer_berlin_premiere_05.jpg

Christina Ricci, Susan Sarandon and Emile Hirsch were among the stars that attended the Berlin premiere of Speed Racer in Germany yesterday.

date Apr 29, 08 11:57 AM


blog_scarlet_premiere_12.jpg blog_scarlet_premiere_07.jpg blog_scarlet_premiere_21.jpg

Lindsay Lohan, Lauren Conrad, Travis Barker, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were among the celebs on the red carpet at the launch of the "Scarlet" HDTV series held at the Pacific Design Center last night in West Hollywood.

date Apr 29, 08 11:42 AM


blog_iron_man_tribeca_08.jpg blog_iron_man_tribeca_10.jpg blog_iron_man_tribeca_06.jpg

Leelee Sobieski and her boyfriend, the beautiful Liv Tyler and Helena Christensen were among the stars that attended the screening of Iron Man at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York last night.

date Apr 29, 08 11:32 AM


blog_brenda_strong_01.jpg blog_markie_post_01.jpg blog_charlene_tilton_03.jpg

Dana Delaney, Markie Post, Brenda Strong and Charlene Tilton headed out last night for an evening at the Geffen Theater in Westwood, CA.

date Apr 29, 08 09:27 AM


Former Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland has reportedly been sentenced to 192 hours in county jail for DUI. This is Weiland's second DUI offense and he has until May 28 to serve his sentence. In addition to being placed on a four-year summary probation, Weiland has also been ordered to complete an 18-month alcohol program and pay an approximate $2000 in fines.

Weiland was arrested last November and booked for DUI when, according to the police report, he failed the field sobriety test and refused to take blood or urine tests.

date Apr 28, 08 11:16 PM


blog_lindsay_lohan_porsche_08.jpg blog_lindsay_lohan_porsche_02.jpg blog_lindsay_lohan_porsche_06.jpg

Lindsay Lohan flashed a peace sign as she dropped off some bags in her Porsche during a shopping trip in West Hollywood today.

date Apr 28, 08 11:11 PM


blog_carrey_filming_miami08.jpg blog_carrey_filming_miami26.jpg blog_carrey_filming_miami20.jpg

We found Jim Carrey on the set of I Love You Phillip Morris in the Art Deco District of Ocean Drive on Miami Beach. The movie is the story of Steven Russel, a married man and father of one who fell in love with his cell mate, Phillip Morris. Russel had always known he was gay and when he and Morris were thrown together in a prison in Houston sparks fly. The book in which the movie is based on chronicles Russel's spectacular prison breaks in which he will do everything he can to be with the released Morris, each break taking place on a Friday the 13th.

date Apr 28, 08 11:07 PM


blog_eva_longoria_pink_la_02.jpg blog_eva_longoria_pink_la_04.jpg blog_eva_longoria_pink_la_05.jpg

Eva Longoria left Cafe Med after lunch with a friend wearing a sexy pink strapless dress accompanied by a stylish baby blue handbag.

date Apr 28, 08 01:41 PM


blog_carrey_12.jpg blog_carrey_07.jpg blog_carrey_11.jpg

Jim Carrey is on location in Miami Beach filming his new movie I Love You Philip Morris. The film, also starring Ewan McGregor and Leslie Mann, is due for release in US theaters in 2009.

date Apr 28, 08 12:38 PM




It's reported that model Angie Everhart was arrested for DUI last Thursday, held on $15,000 bail and was released later that morning. According to the reports, Everhart took a field sobriety test and failed at the time of arrest after officers took her to a nearby restaurant to relieve herself after she pleaded to use a restroom. She refused to take chemical tests after her attorney advised her to refuse everything. Everhart is due in court on May 15.

date Apr 28, 08 11:32 AM



blog_kelly_osbourne_colorful_friend_coachella02.jpg blog_kim_stewart_dj_am_coachella02.jpg blog_kelly_osbourne_coachella_day_two01.jpg

Rock princesses Kimberly Stewart and Kelly Osbourne caught up while strolling around the grounds at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival yesterday. Kelly also hung out with some other friends while Kim spent some time with friend DJ AM.

date Apr 28, 08 11:27 AM


blog_sienna_miller_coachella_day_two04.jpg blog_sienna_miller_coachella_day_two05.jpg blog_sienna_miller_coachella_day_two10.jpg

Sienna Miller spent a second day backstage yesterday at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

date Apr 28, 08 11:22 AM


blog_sean_penn_coachella_03.jpg blog_sean_penn_coachella_08.jpg blog_sean_penn_coachella_09.jpg

Sean Penn turned down a Vitamin Water offered by a fan yesterday at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival before grabbing some pizza and a soda.

Sean was at Coachella to announce a volunteer initiative encouraging young people to "take action." An actor known for his political activism, Penn invited festival-goers to "be spontaneous" and join a cross-country bio-diesel bus caravan, dubbed The Dirty Hands Caravan, that leaves the Coachella campground today bound for New Orleans. "This is about volunteerism," he said from the main stage, just before My Morning Jacket's set. "Revolution is a young man's job and you can be the revolution."

date Apr 28, 08 11:19 AM



After performing earlier in the day yesterday, Perry Farrell took some time to enjoy the other acts performing as part of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

date Apr 28, 08 11:15 AM


blog_roger_waters_coachella_06.jpg blog_roger_waters_coachella_08.jpg blog_roger_waters_coachella_11.jpg

Roger Waters performed "The Dark Side of the Moon" yesterday during the final day of the Coachella Music And Arts Festival.

date Apr 28, 08 11:12 AM



Rosanna Arquette, who recently starred with sister Patricia on her hit show "Medium," headed to the Coachella Music and Arts Festival over the weekend and took a snack break to chow down on some pizza.

date Apr 28, 08 11:09 AM


Star of the ABC Family show "Greek," Jake McDorman enjoyed a refreshing coconut drink at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival yesterday.

date Apr 28, 08 10:54 AM




Corey Feldman was looking good as he unbuttoned and bared his chest for the world to see at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Southern California yesterday.

date Apr 28, 08 12:32 AM



This is the home that Vanessa Hudgens reportedly purchased earlier this year in LA for $1,565,000. The house has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms in 2,261 sqft and sits above Laurel Canyon with spectacular views. The home was designed by the Offenhauser/Mekeel architectural firm and has large, loft-like public rooms, high ceilings, polished concrete floors, extra-large French doors, a fireplace in the living room and an open-plan gourmet kitchen. It also features a large master suite on the top floor and a roof deck with an exterior fireplace.

date Apr 27, 08 11:18 PM



blog_owen_vince_miami_bike_ride24.jpg blog_owen_vince_miami_bike_ride30.jpg blog_owen_vince_miami_bike_ride14.jpg

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn took a Sunday afternoon bike ride along the Miami Beach boardwalk today. The Wedding Crashers buddies also stopped at the Miami Beach Polo World Cup where they chatted with a few ladies in the crowd. Owen is currently in Miami filming Marley and Me with Jennifer Aniston.

date Apr 27, 08 11:14 PM


blog_trina_beach_ball_24.jpg blog_trina_beach_ball_02.jpg blog_trina_beach_ball_21.jpg

Trina performed at the Beach Ball Festival in Miami's South Beach today. The festival is a friendly competition that pits staff members of some of South Beach's best nightclubs and restaurants against each other in dodgeball, tug-of-war and rock climbing. The event also features musical performers and a liquor-tasting tent.

date Apr 27, 08 11:06 PM


blog_daniel_baldwin_05.jpg blog_daniel_baldwin_01.jpg blog_daniel_baldwin_07.jpg

Daniel Baldwin and his wife, Joanne Smith-Baldwin, spent a lazy afternoon out and about with 14-week-old daughter Avis Ann in Los Angeles yesterday.

date Apr 27, 08 11:03 PM


blog_phoebe_price_bikini_04.jpg blog_phoebe_price_bikini_05.jpg blog_phoebe_price_bikini_11.jpg

Phoebe Price hit the beach in Malibu yesterday sporting a sexy bikini and struck a pose with her dog, Henry, as her mom looked on.

date Apr 27, 08 10:57 PM



blog_melissa_joan_hart_family_01.jpg blog_sara_gilbert_market_04.jpg blog_melissa_joan_hart_family_05.jpg

Melissa Joan Hart and Sara Gilbert bumped into one another and enjoyed a chat as each spent a family day at the Los Angeles Farmer's Market today. Sara brought along her son, Levi Hank and daughter, Sawyer, while Melissa was at the market with Mark Wilkerson and her sons.

date Apr 27, 08 10:50 PM


blog_kathy_ireland_chips_02.jpg blog_kathy_ireland_chips_03.jpg blog_kathy_ireland_chips_05.jpg

Supermodel Kathy Ireland took a break yesterday from the Barbara Ireland Walk for the Cure to snack from not one, but two bags of chips.

Procceds from the Barbara Ireland Walk for the Cure are earmarked for cutting edge research in the local Los Angeles community, with a focus on eradicating breast cancer.

date Apr 27, 08 10:45 PM



Marla Maples and daughter Tiffany Trump tookk a break from the LA heat yesterday by grabbing some refreshing smoothies.

date Apr 27, 08 02:02 PM


blog_melanie_griffith_coachella_03.jpg blog_melanie_griffith_coachella_09.jpg blog_melanie_griffith_coachella_14.jpg

Melanie Griffith took a smoke break yesterday while enjoying the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

date Apr 27, 08 01:59 PM



David Hasselhoff relaxed his day away yesterday, enjoying the music and having some fun with the ladies at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

date Apr 27, 08 01:56 PM




Portishead performed live yesterday as part of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

date Apr 27, 08 01:54 PM




Mark Ronson performed live yesterday at day two of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

date Apr 27, 08 01:47 PM


blog_kelly_osbourne_coachella_01.jpg blog_kelly_osbourne_coachella_02.jpg blog_sienna_miller_kelly_osbourne_coachella_2008_004.jpg blog_sienna_miller_coachella_01.jpg blog_sienna_miller_coachella_09.jpg blog_sienna_miller_coachella_21.jpg

Sienna Miller and Kelly Osbourne both spent the day at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival yesterday and took some time to stroll through the concert grounds together. Kelly came with some other friends and wore a backstage pass bracelet and a whistle necklace. Sienna wore her cool blue shades and had some trouble getting a bracelet that allowed her to drink. She eventually managed it and several drinks later was all smiles.

date Apr 27, 08 01:43 PM



Dita Von Teese looked stunning yesterday in a sun short-suit at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival as she protected her porcelain-white skin from the sun under an umbrella to maintain her doll-like complexion.

date Apr 27, 08 12:27 PM


blog_scorpions_moscow_10.jpg blog_scorpions_moscow_04.jpg blog_scorpions_moscow_07.jpg

German rock band The Scorpions arrived in Moscow yesterday for their concert appearance at The Kremlin.

date Apr 27, 08 12:06 PM



blog_mariah_carey_tennessee_24.jpg blog_mariah_carey_tennessee_38.jpg blog_mariah_carey_tennessee_29.jpg

Mariah Carey had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction last night at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of her new film Tennessee. It was almost as if she was playing "peek-a-boob" with the cameras! Ha!

date Apr 27, 08 12:01 PM



Da Brat and Zoe Kravitz were among the stars in attendance at the premiere of Tennessee at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City last night.

The film, starring Mariah Carey, tells the story of two brothers who embark on a journey to find their estranged father in the hopes of saving the younger brother, recently diagnosed with terminal leukemia. Along the way they meet up with "Krystal" who joins them on their journey.

date Apr 27, 08 11:57 AM



Former French soccer player Frank LeBoeuf and his date left the nightclub Villa last night in West Hollywood after a night on the town.

date Apr 27, 08 11:54 AM


Janet Jackson partied the night away at the nightclub Villa last night in West Hollywood and we caught up with her as she got in her car to head home for the night.

date Apr 27, 08 11:46 AM



We came across Jaleel White, who played Steve Urkel on the hit TV series "Family Matters" last night arriving at the Foxtail Lounge with a date last night.

date Apr 27, 08 12:20 AM



Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway are currently filming Bride Wars in Boston. Kate's bangs - love or hate em?

date Apr 27, 08 12:13 AM


Ugly Betty bought a house! Star of the hit TV show, America Ferrera has purchased this home in Los Feliz and she got it for a discount - maybe because of the purple? The pad was $1,415,000 and it has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms. The property boasts thousands spent on upgrades including the entire building being wired for sound, an elegant powder room (huh?), loft-style office, energy efficient windows and a fiberglass heated pool with a mural painted on the rear wall. The home has million dollar views including the Hollywood Sign. The house was originally priced at $2,199,000.

date Apr 26, 08 10:59 AM



Mariah Carey was on hand last night to light up the Empire State Building during its lighting ceremony in New York City.

date Apr 26, 08 10:50 AM



blog_serji_tankian_01.jpg blog_jack_white_raconteurs_01.jpg blog_tegan_and_sara_03.jpg blog_tegan_and_sara_05.jpg blog_breeders_coachella_01.jpg blog_vampire_weekend_13.jpg

The three-day Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival got started yesterday in the desert a few hours drive southeast of Los Angeles and thousands gathered to hear their favorite bands and to discover some new ones. Temperatures hovered in the mid-90s as Friday's bands took the stage. Yesterday's lineup included Fatboy Slim, The Verve, Serji Tankian, Jack White and the Reconteurs, Tegan and Sara, The Breeders and Vampire Weekend.

date Apr 25, 08 11:23 PM


The Miley Cyrus franchise is set to be worth $1 billion by the end of the year according to People magazine. No wonder she's always smiling! Only one catch, she has to wait 3 years until she turns 18 to get her hands on the money.

date Apr 25, 08 11:16 PM


Russell Crowe takes the kids for lunch at the Euro Caffe in Beverly Hills.

date Apr 25, 08 11:14 PM


Kathy Hilton takes a stroll through Beverly Hills accompanied by a pal........and a video crew!

date Apr 25, 08 11:12 PM


Dyan Cannon has lunch with pals at the Chin Chin Grill in West Hollywood.

date Apr 25, 08 11:59 AM



Tennis star and girlfriend of Enrique Iglesias, Anna Kournikova left a Miami Beach salon yesterday after having her hair touched up.

date Apr 25, 08 11:42 AM


blog_janet_jackson_flips_top_06.jpg blog_janet_jackson_flips_top_07.jpg blog_janet_jackson_flips_top_09.jpg

Janet Jackson had another wardrobe malfunction, albeit a minor one, last night while leaving the nightclub Foxtail. She knocked off her hat while getting into her waiting SUV!

date Apr 25, 08 11:31 AM



blog_nicole_richie_foxtail_03.jpg blog_nicole_richie_foxtail_05.jpg blog_nicole_richie_foxtail_11.jpg blog_amanda_bynes_foxtail_01.jpg blog_nicky_hilton_foxtail_01.jpg blog_brittny_gastineau_foxtail_01.jpg

It was a big night at the Foxtail Lounge last night. Paris Hilton and boyfriend Benji Madden reportedly ran over a photographers foot while leaving and also at the club were Paris' sister Nicky and BFF Nicole Richie who looked like she had quite a good time, Adrian Grenier, Amanda Bynes and Brittny Gastineau.

date Apr 25, 08 11:18 AM




blog_paris_hilton_pap_foot_13.jpg blog_paris_hilton_pap_foot_10.jpg blog_paris_hilton_pap_foot_08.jpg

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden left the Foxtail Lounge last night and, while leaving, Benji allegedly ran over paparazzo Glenn Gurniak's (aka G-Hollywood) foot while driving the SUV while Paris was a passenger in the car. It's reported that Benji checked out the scene after the rollover before taking off and the photographer filed a hit and run report this morning with the LA Sheriff's Department.

date Apr 25, 08 11:00 AM



The ever-colorful Phoebe Price dazzled the crowd at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills last night with her dizzying technicolor dress.

date Apr 25, 08 01:16 AM



Sting and Diane Kruger were at the Waverly Inn tonight (as far as we know, not together of course).

date Apr 25, 08 12:37 AM


blog_amanda_bynes_17.jpg blog_amanda_bynes_14.jpg blog_amanda_bynes_18.jpg

Amanda Bynes, who recently starred in the movie "Hairspray," was seen leaving Jessica Galvan Hair Studio in Beverly Hills this afternoon. The 22-year old actress entered the salon a blonde and exited three hours later a brunette. By the time Amanda left the salon a large group of photographers and fans had gathered. Amanda took it all in stride and repeatedly said that she was flattered because she never receives attention like this. She went on to say, "I'm no Posh!" but many of the photogs responded that she was much prettier!

date Apr 24, 08 11:36 PM



Kirsten Dunst left her new Soho apartment today confirming recent reports of a NY home purchase. The recently rehabbed actress was seen leaving her penthouse pad via the back door with bodyguards. Dunst bought the eighth-floor co-op unit for $3,000,000. It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and boasts views of the Hudson River. Built in 1911, the block only has 8 apartments in total.

date Apr 24, 08 11:30 PM



Celebs, including Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell turn out in support of the film I Am Because We Are at the Tribeca Film Festival.

date Apr 24, 08 11:25 PM



Mike Tyson looks to be a SUPER Heavy Weight these days. We caught up with him buying his lady a bunch of red roses after diner at Mr Chows and by the looks of him, he had second helpings.

date Apr 24, 08 11:19 PM


Madonna expands her real estate holdings by buying another co-op unit in Manhattan’s Central Park West for $7,000,000. Madonna already has an existing 6,000-square-foot duplex in the building. The purchase comes following reports that Madonna is considering moving away from the UK and back to America and rumors of marital problems.

date Apr 24, 08 02:16 PM


blog_colleen_pool_02.jpg blog_colleen_pool_03.jpg blog_colleen_pool_04.jpg

blog_colleen_pool_05.jpg blog_colleen_pool_06.jpg blog_colleen_pool_07.jpg

Wayne Rooney's fiance Coleen McLoughlin relaxes poolside in a bikini on an all girls hen party holiday with a group of her friends including Wayne's cousin Claire who will be maid of honor at the celebrity couple's Italian Riviera wedding in June. Coleen enjoyed drinking champagne and sipping on cocktails and working on her tan.

date Apr 24, 08 02:01 PM


blog_shauna_05.jpg blog_shauna_07.jpg blog_shauna_06.jpg

blog_shauna_02.jpg blog_shauna_03.jpg blog_shauna_04.jpg

A super skinny Shauna Sands shows off her body on the beach in Miami. The now ex-wife of Lorenzo Lamas, a Playboy Playmate and model, has reportedly left LA to spend the summer in Miami is said to have angered Lamas in the process as the couple have three daughters together. Sands spent the afternoon topping up her tan with Hawaiian Tropic oil in the company of a buff looking male friend before taking a stroll along the surf together.

date Apr 24, 08 01:54 PM


blog_patd_01.jpg blog_patd_04.jpg blog_patd_19.jpg

Panic At The Disco performing live at The Fillmore in Miami Beach, Florida.

date Apr 24, 08 01:48 PM


UPDATE: Wesley Snipes has been given the maximum sentence, 36 months in jail! Pay your taxes bunnies!!!!

Wesley Snipes prays as he enters the Federal Courthouse in Ocala, Florida. The Blade trilogy star was found guilty on February 1st, of three counts of failing to file tax returns. According to reports, Snipes could face a maximum of one year in prison for each count. The actor was found not guilty of charges of conspiracy to defraud the US and making false or fraudulent claims.

date Apr 24, 08 01:37 PM



blog_nme_awards_2008_5.jpg blog_nme_awards_2008_6.jpg blog_nme_awards_2008_9.jpg

Red carpet hotness (in some cases) from the NME Awards at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles last night. Not sure about Kelly Osbourne's outfit. Love it or hate it? You decide. STOP PRESS, STOP PRESS, STOP PRESSS....Sienna Miller smiles!

date Apr 24, 08 01:20 PM


blog_MX0031595.jpg blog_MX0042176.jpg blog_MX0063558.jpg

Star Jones has filed for divorce from hubby Al Reynolds just short of the couple's fourth anniversary. Star has reportedly high tailed it out of the country to avoid prying eyes and questions but there has long been rumors surrounding the union and they have not been seen in public together for quite some time. Star filed for dissolution on March 26th. No word yet on where she ran off to to hide but if we find out we'll let you know!

date Apr 24, 08 01:04 PM


blog_alessandra_ambrosio_belly_03.jpg blog_alessandra_ambrosio_belly_27.jpg blog_alessandra_ambrosio_belly_05.jpg

Victoria Secrets Model and all round Brazillian bombshell Alessandra Ambrosio shows off her bump during a freebie shopping spree at Chrisitan Audigier's HQ. It's alright for some.....pregnant and still stunning and a free shopping blitz to boot!

date Apr 24, 08 12:54 PM


blog_iron_14.jpg blog_iron_16.jpg blog_iron_06.jpg

Here's some pictures hot off the red carpet at the Iron Man movie premier in Italy.

date Apr 24, 08 01:27 AM



Kelly Brook has reportedly split from fiance Billy Zane. The reports indicate that 28-year-old Kelly, currently starring in the UK's "Strictly Come Dancing," decided last month to end her four-year relationship with the 42-year-old Zane. She has been re-thinking her life since her father passed away last November and decided she was too young to wed Zane.

date Apr 24, 08 12:15 AM



"Samantha Who?" star Christina Applegate covered up and hid from photographers today as boyfriend Lee Grivas picked her up at Petrossian Paris in Los Angeles.

date Apr 23, 08 11:09 PM


blog_nicky_hilton_stick_thin_04.jpg blog_nicky_hilton_stick_thin_06.jpg blog_nicky_hilton_stick_thin_05.jpg

Nicky Hilton looked stick thin as she did some shopping in Beverly Hills this afternoon. Rumors and speculation still persist about Nicky's eating habits and whether or not she has been losing weight lately. What do you think?

date Apr 23, 08 10:52 PM




Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin were on hand today for the induction of The Smashing Pumpkins into the Hollywood RockWalk held at Guitar Center in Hollywood.

date Apr 23, 08 12:04 PM




Matt Damon, his wife Luciana and daughter Isabella arrived back in the US over the weekend at Miami International Airport after a trip to the UK.

Welcome home Matt and family!

date Apr 23, 08 11:46 AM



blog_brittny_gastineau_kanye_01.jpg blog_kristin_cavallari_kanye_01.jpg blog_lauren_conrad_kanye_01.jpg

Reality Stars turned out en force at Kanye West's after-party last night in Los Angeles at the nightclub Goa. Kim Kardashian, Brittny Gastineau, Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad were just a few of the many attendees...reality star and otherwise...that made the party a huge success. Kanye left very shortly after the last song of the night, his tribute song to his late mother.

date Apr 23, 08 01:51 AM


blog_paris_and_benji_11.jpg blog_paris_and_benji_19.jpg blog_paris_and_benji_15.jpg

Paris Hilton and Good Charlotte rocker boyfriend Benji Madden lunched at The Ivy in Beverly Hills on Earth Day today. A large group of photographers and fans were waiting for them as they left the restaurant and Paris clung to Benji as he led her through the large crowd to their waiting hybrid SUV.

date Apr 23, 08 01:45 AM




Spring is in full bloom and Victoria Beckham exemplified the radiance of the season today in her pretty pink dress while she shopped with her son Cruz at The Grove in Los Angeles.

date Apr 23, 08 01:39 AM



blog_kim_kardashian_paparazzi_play_15.jpg blog_kim_kardashian_paparazzi_play_25.jpg blog_kim_kardashian_paparazzi_play_10.jpg

Kim Kardashian and a friend spent some quality girl time today shopping at Kitson on Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles. Upon exiting the store, Kim gave two lucky paps a gift she purchased inside - Paparazzi Play Set action figures! Kim then got into her new custom Bentley convertible which has the letters "KK" stitched into the leather seats, lowered the rag top and left.

date Apr 23, 08 01:32 AM



blog_peter_falk_03.jpg blog_peter_falk_04.jpg blog_peter_falk_05.jpg

Peter Falk, best known for playing the title role on "Columbo" in the 1970s, was seen in Beverly Hills today and a passerby commented that he seemed lost and disoriented. A good samaritan later called police in hopes that they could assist Mr. Falk, but when officers arrived he convinced them that he didn't need assistance.

date Apr 22, 08 11:29 PM



Wayne Rooney's fiancee Coleen McLoughlin relaxed poolside in a bikini at her Miami hotel today. She is on an all-girls hen party holiday with a group of her friends, including Wayne's cousin Claire who will be maid of honor at the celebrity couple's Italian Riviera wedding in June.

date Apr 22, 08 11:19 PM



blog_ashton_kutcher_06.jpg blog_danielle_lloyd_01.jpg blog_lake_bell_01.jpg

Ashton Kutcher, Natalie Imbruglia, Lake Bell and Danielle Lloyd were among the stars on the red carpet at the London premiere of What Happens in Vegas..., due in US theaters on May 9. The film stars Kutcher and Bell along with Cameron Diaz.

Set in Vegas, the film's story revolves around two people who discover they got married following a night of debauchery, with one of them winning a huge jackpot after playing the other's quarter. The unhappy pair then try to get their hands on the money and fall in love along the way.

date Apr 22, 08 11:41 AM



It's reported that BFFs Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are planning to marry their boyfriends, twin brothers, Benji and Joel Madden, in a double wedding. Nicole and Joel have a three-month-old daughter, Harlow Winter, together. Nicole introduced Paris to Joel's brother Benji, who hit it off and went public with their relationship in February. The reports indicate that the two couples are planning the wedding to profit from all the publicity surrounding the event and stand to make millions.

date Apr 22, 08 11:39 AM


Hollywood hunk George Clooney was out and about in London recently and we caught him outside The Ivy. Bad-girl girlfriend Sarah Larson was nowhere in sight, though.

date Apr 22, 08 11:33 AM



Mel B left the restaurant Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills last night toting a DVD copy of the hit television series "The Riches." I wonder if she's catching up on episodes or if maybe there's the possibility of a guest appearance and she's doing a bit of research? How awesome would that be? Minnie Driver and Mel B together?!?!

date Apr 22, 08 11:18 AM



blog_dancing_with_star_hyde_18.jpg blog_dancing_with_star_hyde_21.jpg blog_dancing_with_star_hyde_03.jpg

The gang from "Dancing with the Stars" headed out to the nightclub Villa in West Hollywood last night and Tony Dovolani, Mark Ballas and Fabian Sanchez really hammed it up for the cameras, putting on quite a little show for everyone outside the club. Also there was Edyta Sliwinska and celeb dancer Cristian de la Fuente.

date Apr 22, 08 01:38 AM



blog_katie_price_ed_hardy_10.jpg blog_katie_price_ed_hardy_08.jpg blog_katie_price_juicy_01.jpg

Katie Price (aka Jordan) did a little shopping for baby today, but what would a shopping trip be without a little swag for yourself? She and hubby Peter Andre picked up some things during a trip to the Ed Hardy store on trendy Melrose Ave in Los Angeles and were met by French designer and Ed Hardy store owner Christian Audigier who later walked them to their car. Katie also did some shopping at Juicy Couture.

date Apr 22, 08 01:32 AM



blog_katie_price_petit_tresor_09.jpg blog_katie_price_petit_tresor_06.jpg blog_katie_price_petit_tresor_22.jpg

Katie Price (aka Jordan) went on a shopping spree with her baby and a friend today, stopping at baby stores Petit Tresor and Bel Bambini in Beverly Hills. While shopping she took her time and looked at everything from baby toys to strollers.

The paparazzi arrived before Katie at Bel Bambini and made sure she had a parking space in front of the store, prompting Katie's friend to comment that Los Angeles' paparazzi were polite in comparison to the paparazzi back home in the UK. By the time Katie was ready to leave the police had arrived to help control the large number of paparazzi that gathered to photograph her. No stranger to the paparazzi, Katie remained calm and composed the entire time.

date Apr 22, 08 01:28 AM



Paris Hilton was all business today while out and about in Los Angeles, keeping a stern face for photographers. She made a slight costume change while running her errands and was seen wearing both a retro-looking Rolling Stones t-shirt and a tight black top while running errands. She also carried two bags, one of which matched her big blue sunglasses.

date Apr 22, 08 01:24 AM



Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband Prince Frederick Von Anhalt was at The Ivy in Los Angeles today celebrating the outcome of a lawsuit filed against him by a paparazzi for an alleged beat down. He flashed the "V for Victory" sign and then went on to say how much he loved good food, expensive cars and American girls.

We're not sure what he's celebrating, though, as reports indicate that he'll have to pay out over $4500 in damages to the photographer who claimed that the Prince angrily began punching him while he attempted to take photographs in May 2005. The photographer claimed that he suffered lip lacerations, cuts to his face, swelling, pain, high blood pressure, headaches and stress symptoms and also thought he was going to be killed.

date Apr 21, 08 07:13 PM




blog_fergie_green_02.jpg blog_fergie_green_19.jpg blog_fergie_green_09.jpg

Fergie and Josh Duhamel hit the beach in the Caribbean during the second day of their visit to Nassau in The Bahamas. They soaked up the Nassau sun, played together in the surf and Josh seemed quite attached to his kite which he had a go at flying both days of the visit.

date Apr 21, 08 07:00 PM


blog_fergie_jogging_10.jpg blog_fergie_jogging_03.jpg blog_fergie_jogging_16.jpg

R&B "Duchess" Fergie and boyfriend Josh Duhamel jogged the beaches of Nassau this weekend while in the Bahamas.

date Apr 21, 08 06:56 PM



Alicia Keys performed live at Rockefeller Plaza in New York today as part of "The Today Show" Summer Concert Series.

date Apr 20, 08 09:11 PM


blog_fergi_bikini_02.jpg blog_fergi_bikini_03.jpg blog_fergi_bikini_04.jpg

blog_fergi_bikini_20.jpg blog_fergi_bikini_21.jpg blog_fergi_bikini_15.jpg

blog_fergi_bikini_06.jpg blog_fergi_bikini_05.jpg blog_fergi_bikini_07.jpg

blog_fergi_bikini_08.jpg blog_fergi_bikini_09.jpg blog_fergi_bikini_10.jpg

blog_fergi_bikini_11.jpg blog_fergi_bikini_12.jpg blog_fergi_bikini_13.jpg

blog_fergi_bikini_14.jpg blog_fergi_bikini_22.jpg blog_fergi_bikini_16.jpg

blog_fergi_bikini_17.jpg blog_fergi_bikini_18.jpg blog_fergi_bikini_19.jpg

Fergie smoked up the beach in the Bahamas with her killer curves and a teeny tiny red bikini. Rumors of a pregnancy look to be unfounded to me as she appears to be in tip-top shape. Come on - the girl's even got a six pack! Fergie soaked up the sun alongside heart throb fiance Josh Duhamel. The couple spent time riding the waves on a jet ski and relaxing on the beach. Josh also enjoyed some Kite flying while Fergie was content to lie down and work on her tan. So, no baby on the way yet..... but maybe the nice romantic break in the Bahamas will fix that problem!

date Apr 20, 08 09:06 PM



blog_fergie_atlantis_07.jpg blog_fergie_atlantis_12.jpg blog_fergie_atlantis_09.jpg

Fergie rocked the Atlantis resort at Paradise Island today in Nassau, Bahamas. She's on a roll with hit performances lately, most recently with the legendary rock group Heart. She sang along with them on their hit "Barracuda" on "American Idol: Idol Gives Back" earlier this week, doing one-handed cartwheels while singing!

date Apr 20, 08 09:05 PM


blog_jordan_ivy_hospital_14.jpg blog_jordan_ivy_hospital_07.jpg blog_jordan_ivy_hospital_06.jpg

Poor little Princess Tiammi has a case of the chicken pox so after lunching at the Ivy and shopping at Kitson, Jordan, the model sometimes known as Katie Price and hubby Peter Andre took the little tyke for a check-up with the doc at the local hospital in LA. Princess Tiammi was crying on and off during the day and despite looking cute in another little pink outfit, she is covered in sore looking spots. Jordan was looking tired and concerned about her daughter and Peter sought to cheer her up with some smooching.

date Apr 20, 08 09:01 PM



Phoebe Price was out and about in Los Angeles today (with her little dog, too!) and stopped for a bit of ice cream. But, not every adventure ends well. She had the unenviable task of cleaning some bird poop off of her Mercedes before heading home.

date Apr 20, 08 08:00 PM



Denise Richards, her father Irv and daughters Sam and Lola enjoyed some time together today while out and about in Malibu.

date Apr 20, 08 06:52 PM


Sarah Michelle Gellar stopped in at a Los Angeles area Starbucks today to get her coffee fix.

According to recent reports, Gellar recently tried to steal an x-rated propr from the film set of her 2006 movie Southland Tales as a souvenir. She plays a porn star in the movie and wanted to keep the cover of her character's video that featured her head superimposed onto another woman's body. Says Gellar, "I did try and to take the case for my character's porn video. To make the cover look authentic, they put my face on someone else's body. Normally if I see those pictures on the internet, I'm calling my lawyer and suing someone! but because of my contract, they had to destroy all the pictures. They let me pick the body of the girl they put my head on: I picked one with a curvy body and butt."

date Apr 20, 08 06:48 PM


Jonah Hill took a walk in Beverly Hills today, talking on his cellphone as he strolled. Hill is currently starring in the hit film Forgetting Sarah Marshall and previously starred in Superbad among others.

date Apr 20, 08 12:55 PM



Reports are saying that Elizabeth Hurley is expecting a child with her husband of one year, Arun Nayar. The couple made an appearance at a Breast Cancer Research Foundation event in New York last week where Hurley was seen trying to cover up "a little bump." Friend and fellow guest at the event Elton John was also overheard congratulating Nayar after kissing and hugging Elizabeth and the trio seemed to be giggling over their secret. During the event Hurley wore a tummy-disguising sari, abstained from alcohol and carried her purse in front of her belly, but witnesses say you could still see a bump.

date Apr 20, 08 02:39 AM


blog_heidiwood_31.jpg blog_heidiwood_38.jpg blog_heidiwood_14.jpg

Heidi Montag was at Kitson today to launch her new clothing line Heidiwood. Boyfriend Spencer Pratt was on hand to assist with the fans who lined up to meet The Hills star and get an autograph. Heidi was wearing an interesting pair of Chloe shoes and a cute little floaty dress.

date Apr 20, 08 02:32 AM


blog_jordan54.jpg blog_jordan55.jpg blog_jordan53.jpg

Jordan took the family on a shopping outing today at The Grove in LA. Wearing a matching pink outfit with her daughter Princess Tiammi ( I am told you can't say the name with the Princess part), the brood were followed around by their own film crew. She visited Posh's favorite store Abercrombie & Fitch and also popped into Victoria Secrets followed by lunch at Marmalade.

date Apr 20, 08 02:24 AM


blog_vega_hubby_stroll_37.jpg blog_vega_hubby_stroll_31.jpg blog_vega_hubby_stroll_19.jpg

Paz Vega, hubby Orson Salazar and little Orson took a stroll around the shops today but unlike most LA people, they didn't hop in the car to go home, they walked the two miles back to their house.......accompanied by a few new paparazzi pals!

date Apr 19, 08 09:46 AM




Enrique Iglesias, 32, has reportedly tried to convince his girlfriend, tennis star Anna Kournikova, 26, to marry him with no luck. The couple have been together for at least three years but she continues to ignore his proposals to wed. Iglesias said, "I always try, but she pays me no attention."

date Apr 19, 08 01:44 AM


blog_jordan36.jpg blog_jordan35.jpg blog_jordan34.jpg

Jordan AKA Katie Price arrived at LAX tonight with hubby Peter Andre and two of the kids. Katie was wearing an interesting t-shirt. I guess since she underwent a breast reduction, she has to find new ways of drawing attention to the chest area!

date Apr 19, 08 01:41 AM


Britney seems to have a new addiction, this time a healthy one....the gym. The pop princess was spotted doing another workout today accompanied by momma Spears and a female pal.

date Apr 18, 08 10:44 PM


blog_diddy09.jpg blog_diddy11.jpg blog_diddy13.jpg

P Diddy and Kim Porter lunched together followed by a spot of shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue where Diddy helped Kim pick out a pair of shoes.

date Apr 18, 08 10:36 PM


Is it me or do you think that Phoebe Price's outfits are getting more outrageous? She was spotted in a little orange number with a gold headband today doing a casual bit of shopping!

date Apr 18, 08 04:57 PM


Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty who just began his 14-month prison sentence, asked for a transfer into the high-security area upon prison officers telling him about the plot to attack him. Pete has been placed in the segregation unit for his own safety. According to recent reports, Pete has been injecting smuggled smack while in the slammer and paying for the drugs by getting credit from fellow prisoners, writing IOUs.

date Apr 18, 08 02:24 PM



Actor Sean William Scott showed off some impressive new ink he headed into Nobu Sushi in Malibu last night. Sean is to co-star with John C. Reilly in the soon-to-be-realeased "The Promotion."

date Apr 18, 08 02:22 PM



Matt Sorum, one of the hardest working drummers in rock today (Velvet Revolver and Guns N Roses, just to name a couple), headed out with friends last night to the Foxtail Restaurant and Lounge for a little fun.

date Apr 18, 08 02:19 PM



"Boy Meets World" star Ben Savage hammed it up for the cameras last night as he left the nightclub Foxtail with friends in Los Angeles. Ben is set star in the new film "Doesn't Texas Ever End" due in theaters later this year.

date Apr 18, 08 02:16 PM


Currently starring in the tv series "30 Rock" and slated to star in several upcoming movies, Alec Baldwin just gets bigger and bigger. He and a female friend enjoyed dinner last night at the Little Door Restaurant in Los Angeles.

date Apr 18, 08 02:13 PM



It is reported that authorities in Austria are searching for a woman who is accused of allegedly stalking and threatening to kill "CSI: Miami" star David Caruso. The 41-year-old woman, who faild to show up for her trial, has not been identified due to Austria's privacy laws. She is accused of sending more than 100 letters to the 51-year-old Caruso and stalking him for an autograph. When he refused, she allegedly bombarded him with death threats. In one, she wrote "I will locate you and your ugly little Latina tramp and kill you." If convicted, Caruso's stalker could receive up to three years in prison and possibly more for fleeing.

date Apr 18, 08 02:25 AM


blog_paris_mtv_russia02.jpg blog_paris_mtv_russia03.jpg blog_paris_mtv_russia04.jpg

Paris was at her best pouty self today at the MTV Movie Awards in Russia. Love the outfit and the hair Paris!

date Apr 18, 08 01:53 AM


blog_ashlee_17.jpg blog_ashlee_16.jpg blog_ashlee_14.jpg

Ashlee Simpson engaged? Sure looks like it with that rock on her finger. Ashlee Simpson preggers? Not so sure. Her stomach was looking positively flat as she left her hotel in NY tonight. If she is pregnant, it must be early days. Rumors are already flying however that daddy Simpson is trying to cut a deal for exclusive baby photos! Only time, and a swelling mid-section will tell.

date Apr 18, 08 01:48 AM


Here's Mariah on the red carpet promoting her new album E=MC2. Only problem is the bodyguards that accompanied her were trying to block photographer's shots....on the red carpet! Mimi was still all smiles though and looking good as always. We have a new math formula for you Mariah........MC=HOT!

date Apr 18, 08 01:42 AM


blog_jenna_23.jpg blog_jenna_28.jpg blog_jenna_26.jpg

Jenna Jameson got to grips with her slippery lunch today as she downed oysters and champagne.....with her bodyguard! Aren't oysters supposed to...you know...where's the boyfriend?! After recent weight worries, it is at least good to see her eating something.

date Apr 18, 08 01:39 AM



Ricki Lake had lunch with her hubby and some friends today at the Ivy. Not sure about the bold printed dress....hit or miss, you decide?

date Apr 18, 08 01:33 AM


blog_ripa_08.jpg blog_ripa_20.jpg blog_ripa_21.jpg

Kelly Ripa looked stunning in a little blue dress today. Cute hubby, adorable kids, amazing figure, fab career.........is there anything this woman doesn't have? Ripa whipped the crowds into a frenzy as she made a guest appearance on the David Letterman show today in NY.

date Apr 18, 08 01:29 AM


Brit Brit gets her hair did again..........could it be in preparation for a new deal she is trying to work out for advertising Bally's Fitness where she has been working out in LA?

date Apr 18, 08 01:27 AM


Moby takes a meeting in his own unique style, sitting on a wall outside a coffee shop.

date Apr 17, 08 10:48 PM



Nicky Hilton was spotted shopping for home furnishings for her new home today - in the sale! The bargain hunter was looking the picture of health in her short shorts even though there have been recent concerns about her weight.

date Apr 17, 08 01:28 PM


Strange goings on on top of Al Pacino's head at the World Premiere of "88 minutes" held at the Planet Hollywood Casino & Resort in Las Vegas.
Al....you're one of my all time favorite actors, but you gotta get your Barnet under control!

date Apr 17, 08 01:17 AM


blog_anderson_reality_blanket_03.jpg blog_anderson_reality_blanket_16.jpg blog_anderson_reality_blanket_12.jpg

Pamela Anderson was uncharacteristically caked in make-up as she watched her son play baseball today. Usually dressed down and make-up free for this kind of day to day activity, it varied today as "Baywatch" Babe was filming a segment for her reality show with E!. Tentatively entitled "Pamela," the show is said to be based on the "the real woman behind the famous breasts."

date Apr 17, 08 01:12 AM


blog_nicollette_sheridan_03.jpg blog_nicollette_sheridan_04.jpg blog_nicollette_sheridan_09.jpg

"Desperate Housewives" actress Nicollette Sheridan enjoyed lunch with a friend at The Ivy this afternoon. As usual, she put together a very sexy outfit with a fairly revealing top but, interestingly enough, she wore only one only one sparkling earring in her left ear, leaving her right ear bare.

date Apr 17, 08 01:05 AM



Lindsay Lohan left the Byron Allen Salon today after getting her long blonde locks tuned up.

According to recent reports, the troubled blonde starlet has a new roommate. Lindsay's BFF Samantha Ronson has more or less moved in with Lindsay to help keep her clean and sober. She still has her own place but spends most every night with Lohan to help keep her on track. Now that's a true friend!

date Apr 17, 08 12:59 AM


Dean Cain was super casual today as he flashed a peace sign at photographers after he got his coffee fix today at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Malibu.

date Apr 17, 08 12:55 AM



Bo Derek is still as sexy as ever at age fifty one! She took a stroll today along Robertson Blvd. after having lunch at the Newsroom.

date Apr 17, 08 12:49 AM



Al Pacino was looking slick on the red carpet tonight at the 88 Minutes premiere in Las Vegas and there's nobody sexier than Leelee Sobieski! She looked awesome in a skin-tight black tank top and skirt.

The film, due in US theaters on April 18, is a thriller about a college professor who, while moonlighting as a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI, receives a death threat telling him that he has only 88 minutes to live. In narrowing down possible suspects, he frantically seeks to communicate with a problem student, an ex-girlfriend, and a serial killer on death row.

date Apr 16, 08 12:31 PM



Victoria Beckham was out and about yesterday with her security team leading the way and got in some shopping at Kitson Accessories Boutique on Robertson Blvd. Recently it was reported that Kitson announced it will no longer carry Victoria's dVb brand of jeans due to poor sales. Evidently it's not going to stop Posh from shopping there!

date Apr 16, 08 12:24 PM


blog_usher_tamek_romantic_lunch_05.jpg blog_usher_tamek_romantic_lunch_03.jpg blog_usher_tamek_romantic_lunch_08.jpg

Usher and his wife Tameka Foster were seen enjoying a romantic lunch at Crustacean in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon. While enjoying their lunch, Usher commented that he was the luckiest guy in the world to have married Tameka. Awwwww!

date Apr 16, 08 12:19 PM




Russell Crowe shopped in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon with wife Danielle Spencer and kids Charlie and Tennyson. They shopped at Roots where they stocked up on shoes for the family.

date Apr 16, 08 12:14 PM



blog_motley_crue_crue_fest_announcement_50.jpg blog_motley_crue_crue_fest_announcement_36.jpg blog_motley_crue_crue_fest_announcement_03.jpg

Motley Crue performed in Hollywood yesterday and announced the Crue Fest concert tour that will feature Buckcherry, Paparoach, Sixx:AM and Trapt.

date Apr 16, 08 12:08 PM



Khloe Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner donned some sporty track suits to get out and run some errands yesterday. Kris did some shopping for her big family and Khloe stopped in for an ice cream to help battle the LA heat.

date Apr 15, 08 10:56 PM


Our condolences go out to Cameron Diaz and her family. It's reported that Cameron's father, Emilio, passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday at age 58. Emilio, a Cuban-American, was in very good health but succumbed to a bad case of pneumonia.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Cameron and family. Our thoughts are with you during this diffficult time.

date Apr 15, 08 10:48 PM


blog_william_baldwin_ivy_10.jpg blog_william_baldwin_ivy_06.jpg blog_william_baldwin_ivy_18.jpg

William Baldwin admired a Rolls Royce, chatted and signed autographs while waiting for the valet to bring his car at The Ivy in Los Angeles last night.

date Apr 15, 08 10:44 PM



Pamela Bach pulled out her roller skates today and showed them off to "Crazy Robertson Jermaine" at the 76 gas station on Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles.

date Apr 15, 08 10:39 PM


blog_kim_kardashian_brittny_gastineau_villa_05.jpg blog_kim_kardashian_brittny_gastineau_villa_01.jpg blog_kim_kardashian_brittny_gastineau_villa_06.jpg

Kim Kardashian and Brittny Gastineau hit the town together last night to party at the nightclub Villa. Kim seemed in high spirits blowing kisses at photographers as she and Brittny drove off.

date Apr 15, 08 10:36 PM


NFL Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway enjoyed dinner at The Ivy in Los Angeles last night.

date Apr 15, 08 10:31 PM


blog_cisco_adler_04.jpg blog_cisco_adler_02.jpg blog_cisco_adler_03.jpg

Mischa Barton's ex and White Star rocker Cisco Adler hung out with friends and sipped some coffee today in Malibu.

date Apr 15, 08 10:26 PM



Abigail Breslin celebrated her birthday with family at The Ivy in Los Angeles last night. The budding actress turned a whopping twelve years old yesterday!

Happy Birthday Abigail!

date Apr 15, 08 12:36 PM


blog_nicky_hilton_athens_fashion_show_03.jpg blog_nicky_hilton_athens_fashion_show_13.jpg blog_nicky_hilton_athens_fashion_show_06.jpg

Nicky Hilton and boyfriend David Katzenberg were in Athens yesterday for Nicky's fashion show, part of Athens Fashion Designers Week. At the show, they hooked up with Paris Hilton's ex, Greek shipping heir Paris Kasidokostas who is reportedly worth billions!

date Apr 15, 08 12:38 AM



It's reported that Ashlee Simpson, 23, is expecting her first child with fiance Pete Wentz, 28. The couple announced their engagement on Wednesday, 4/9/08. A spokesperson for the couple said, "We are thrilled to confirm their engagement and congratulate this happy couple...Beyond that there is nothing to say." Ashlee is scheduled to release her new album, Bittersweet World on April 22.

date Apr 15, 08 12:32 AM


blog_sienna_miller_rhys_fans_malibu_mart_04.jpg blog_sienna_miller_rhys_fans_malibu_mart_16.jpg blog_sienna_miller_rhys_fans_malibu_mart_18.jpg

Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans got in some shopping today at the Malibu Country Mart. And, as they left, Rhys got a bit agressive with a photographer saying, "If you don't go home or get away from us I will release my nasty dog so it can bite your leg off."

Grrrrrrr! Woof!

date Apr 15, 08 12:26 AM


blog_pamela_anderson_little_league_05.jpg blog_pamela_anderson_little_league_07.jpg blog_pamela_anderson_little_league_09.jpg

Pamela Anderson got all dressed up in a pretty pink dress today to watch her son's little league game in Malibu. Former "Baywatch" babe, Pam has her hands full with a reported new reality series and single-mom responsibilities and now she can add one more thing to her to-do list. She recently received a dinner invitation to The White House.

date Apr 15, 08 12:23 AM


Nicole Richie made a statement today in her usual bold sunglasses and stylish shoes as she took in a business meeting in Hollywood this morning. Nicole is reportedly preparing to launch a maternity clothing line.

date Apr 15, 08 12:19 AM



Phoebe Price lunched with her mom and dog today at Joan's on 3rd in Los Angeles and drew quite a few stares from passersby because of her revealing outfit.

date Apr 14, 08 04:46 PM


blog_paris_hilton_dreamcatchers_07.jpg blog_paris_hilton_dreamcatchers_08.jpg blog_paris_hilton_dreamcatchers_24.jpg

Paris Hilton walked the catwalk at Cosmoprof, the international beauty exhibition in Bologna on Saturday. She's in the Italian city to promote her Dreamcatchers line of hair extensions.

date Apr 14, 08 04:18 PM


blog_lily_allen_flashback_07.jpgblog_claudia_schiffer_11.jpg blog_daniel_craig_01.jpg blog_bryan_ferry_01.jpg blog_gena_athens_06.jpg blog_rupert_everett_01.jpg

Among those we found on the red carpet at the London premiere of Daniel Craig's new film Flashbacks for a Fool were Craig, Claudia Schiffer, Bryan Ferry, Lily Allen, Gena Athens and Rupert Everett.

The film tells the story of a fading Hollywood star who looks back at the days of his youth as he returns home from his best friend's funeral. It is due in UK theaters on April 18. No US release date has been announced.

date Apr 14, 08 03:43 PM



blog_sarah_larson_party_girl_09.jpg blog_sarah_larson_party_girl_06.jpg blog_sarah_larson_party_girl_10.jpg blog_sarah_larson_party_girl_08.jpg blog_sarah_larson_party_girl_03.jpg blog_sarah_larson_party_girl_07.jpg

George Clooney's girlfriend Sarah Larson shows she likes to party with the guys in these images. The former promotional model does shots with actors from "The Sopranos" and her girlfriends at a party held by online gambling website Nine.com during the 2005 Super Bowl in Las Vegas. According to recent media reports Clooney has instigated a police investigation after a mysterious caller warned him to break up with Larson. The star is said to have received a voicemail from an unknown number urging him to end his relationship with Larson in which a calm male voice is heard saying, "Dude, your friends asked me to give you a message, Dump the b**ch before you're sorry!" The couple will celebrate their one year anniversary in June, they met at the Ocean's Thirteen premiere party at Las Vegas' Palms Hotel, where Larson was working as a cocktail waitress.

date Apr 14, 08 02:57 PM



It's reported that Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton are in a full-on war! Mischa is in the UK with boyfriend Taylor Rocke who plays with the LA band Rooney. Rooney is currently on tour with Good Charlotte. And, as we all know, Paris' new boyfriend Benji Madden is in Good Charlotte. Paris is none too pleased that Mischa is muscling in on her territory, hanging out in the wings at performances, since the two just cannot stand one another. Sounds like there'll be some great fodder for discussion in the very near future, doesn't it?

date Apr 14, 08 02:17 PM



Britney Spears' paparazzo ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib has reportedly been attacked. The reports state that Adnan was stabbed in a vicious attack leaving him with stab wounds to the arm and face. It is unknown whether Spears knew of the attack or is linked to the incident. The attackers are also unknown. Adnan is doing fine and has undergone medical care for the wounds.

Horrible! Get better quick, Adnan!

date Apr 14, 08 11:22 AM




Kristin Cavallari and Hilary Duff partied the night away on Saturday at Aura Nightclub's one year anniversary celebration at Atlantis, Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas.

date Apr 13, 08 10:36 PM


blog_gwen_stefani_farmers_market_03.jpg blog_gwen_stefani_farmers_market_16.jpg blog_gwen_stefani_farmers_market_02.jpg

A very pregnant Gwen Stefani spent a scorching Sunday in Los Angeles today with a sweaty, cranky son, Kingston, and her husband, Gavin Rossdale, at the Studio City Farmer's Market.

date Apr 13, 08 10:01 PM


blog_jenner_malibu_mart_02.jpg blog_jenner_malibu_mart_01.jpg blog_jenner_malibu_mart_06.jpg

Brody Jenner spent a sunny Sunday afternoon in Malibu today and rumor has it he is in talks with MTV for his own reality show. Jenner was reportedly in a reality show called Princes of Malibu which didn't make the cut, let's hope this one does better.

date Apr 13, 08 03:00 PM


blog_moss_miami_shoot01.jpg blog_moss_miami_shoot11.jpg blog_moss_miami_shoot13.jpg blog_moss_miami_shoot19.jpg blog_moss_miami_shoot20.jpg blog_moss_miami_shoot28.jpg

Supermodel Kate Moss is seen here posing for an arty photoshoot with famed fashion photographer Bruce Weber in the gardens of an exclusive Miami Beach hotel. The British model certainly had an eyeful as some of the models in the shoot posed nude alongside her. Moss took time out of a recent holiday with daughter Lila Grace in California to fly to Miami for the one day shoot.

date Apr 13, 08 02:55 PM



It's reported that Victoria Beckham's dVb denim line has been dropped by some top boutiques including the popular Kitson in Los Angeles with the reasons being that the pricey denim isn't selling and Posh has failed to actively promote her line. Kitson owner Fraser Ross says, "We asked her PR people so many times for her to appear but she didn't. Celebrity lines are no different from an album or music tour. They have to be promoted to sell."

date Apr 13, 08 02:04 PM


blog_anna_kournikova_triathlon_01.jpg blog_anna_kournikova_triathlon_05.jpg blog_anna_kournikova_triathlon_17.jpg

The very thin looking Anna Kournikova joined the K-Swiss team to take part in the first annual Nautica South Beach Triathlon in South Beach yesterday. Anna placed second among the celebrities in the Female Relay.

date Apr 13, 08 01:58 PM



blog_nautica_triathlon_04.jpg blog_nautica_triathlon_09.jpg blog_nautica_triathlon_06.jpg

Chef Rocco Dispirito and reality star Andy Baldwin competed in the first annual Nautica South Beach Triathlon yesterday in Miami Beach. Rocco came in third among the celebrity male contestants and the very fit Andy came in first, also among the male celebs.

date Apr 13, 08 01:54 PM



blog_mario_lopez_rehearsal_03.jpg blog_mario_lopez_rehearsal_09.jpg blog_mario_lopez_rehearsal_11.jpg

Mario Lopez rehearsed for his Broadway debut in "A Chorus Line" at The Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York last week.

date Apr 13, 08 11:36 AM


Britney Spears just can't catch a break. It's reported that her motoring mishaps continued yesterday when she was involved in a minor car accident. The reports say that she was driving her new Mercedes on the Ventura Freeway in stop-and-go traffic when her car struck a Nissan in front of her, causing it to push forward into another vehicle.

Fortunately, there were no injuries and no vehicles were damaged in the incident. Watch where you're going, Britney!!!

date Apr 13, 08 11:24 AM


blog_eva_longoria_pink_06.jpg blog_eva_longoria_pink_03.jpg blog_eva_longoria_pink_10.jpg

Eva Longoria looked pretty in a flowing pink dress yesterday as she made a quick visit to Ken Paves' salon for a minor hair tune-up.

date Apr 13, 08 11:17 AM


blog_jessica_simpson_foxtail_08.jpg blog_jessica_simpson_foxtail_06.jpg blog_jessica_simpson_foxtail_03.jpg

Jessica Simpson and BFF and stylist Ken Paves hit the town last night in Los Angeles, heading to the nightclub Foxtail in West Hollywood.

date Apr 13, 08 11:10 AM


blog_shawn_merriman_01.jpg blog_lindsay_price_01.jpg blog_wilmer_valderrama_03.jpg

Celebrating the hottest pool party of 2008, Joey Fatone, Lindsay Price, Shawn Merriman and Wilmer Valderrama were among the stars posing for photographers before enjoying the many amenities that TAO Beach has to offer during the season kick-off at the Venetian in Las Vegas yesterday.

date Apr 12, 08 10:59 PM


Model turned author Sophie Dahl read from her first novel "Playing With The Grown-ups", signed copies of the book and answered questions at Book Soup in West Hollywood tonight.

date Apr 12, 08 10:57 PM


blog_stefani_boardwalk_04.jpg blog_stefani_boardwalk_05.jpg blog_stefani_boardwalk_15.jpg

Gwen Stefani took hubby Gavin Rossdale and son Kingston for a stroll along the boardwalk today in Santa Monica.

date Apr 12, 08 10:46 PM



blog_paris_hilton_dreamcatchers_bologna_07.jpg blog_paris_hilton_dreamcatchers_bologna_19.jpg blog_paris_hilton_dreamcatchers_bologna_21.jpg

Paris Hilton arrived (an hour late) to a throng of Italian Fans to walk the catwalk at Cosmoprof, the international beauty exhibition in Bologna. She was there to promote her hair extension line, Dreamcatchers. On her way into the photoshoot, she said "Ciao Bologna, I love Italy."

date Apr 12, 08 11:08 AM



"Lipstick Jungle" star Lindsay Price arrived at TAO in the Venetian last night to host a pre-party celebrating the opening of TAO Beach for its second season. Tao Beach features luxuries such as first-class cabanas with cooling systems and flat screen TVs for many to enjoy while lounging poolside in the Las Vegas sun.

date Apr 12, 08 11:00 AM


What's missing from this Paris Hilton Footwear billboard? Shoes! Looks like Paris' ad agency is banking on the fact that an image of Paris Hilton lounging seductively can sell anything. Who cares what the shoe actually looks like, right? I guess we just have to assume that if it's got Paris's face and name on it, then THAT's gotta be HOT!

date Apr 12, 08 01:11 AM


blog_kate_moss_bump_02.jpg blog_kate_moss_bump_04.jpg blog_kate_moss_bump_10.jpg

Kate Moss arrived at LAX tonight after a short stint in Miami. Moss was accompanied by a mob of cops, helpers and bodyguards but she was also accompanied by something else..... a small bump! So either usually pin thin Kate has been indulging during her holiday in LA or there's something she's not telling us. Moss is reportedly getting ready to marry her beau Jamie Hince after he popped the question last month. Just saying!

date Apr 12, 08 12:23 AM



Britney finally went from hair-don't to hair-do. She paid a visit to a salon today to sort out the hot mess that is her hair! Brit spent a few hours at a salon getting her extensions done and emerged with a sleek blonde mane. What an improvement on a couple of days ago.

date Apr 11, 08 10:55 PM


blog_donald_trump_04.jpg blog_kelly_carlson_01.jpg blog_rob_schneider_02.jpg

Heather Mills, Joey Fatone, Donald Trump, Kelly Carlson and Rob Schneider were among the celebs on the red carpet tonight at the 57th Annual Miss USA Pageant at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

date Apr 11, 08 10:49 PM


blog_marisa_miller_victoria_secret_02.jpg blog_marisa_miller_victoria_secret_07.jpg blog_marisa_miller_victoria_secret_05.jpg

Victoria's Secret supermodel Marisa Miller makes an appearance at the Victoria's Secret store in Aventura Mall to take photographs and sign autographs for fans. Makeup artist Linda Hay was also at the event.

date Apr 11, 08 10:40 PM


blog_dane_gayhart_04.jpg blog_dane_gayhart_07.jpg blog_dane_gayhart_08.jpg

Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart had lunch together at Fred Segal today but when they spotted photographers they split and exited through different doors. Now, you decide who has the better ride.....Eric left in his silver Porsche Carrera while Rebecca left in her new Toyota Prius.

date Apr 11, 08 10:24 PM


Vanilla Ice aka Robert Van Winkle was reportedly arrested yesterday on charges of domestic battery. Police responded to a call from his wife who told them that the ex-rapper was hitting and kicking her! This is the second time he has been arrested on this charge, the first was in 2004. The dude is actually smiling in his mug shot!

date Apr 11, 08 07:02 PM


blog_moss_mia_01.jpg blog_moss_mia_04.jpg blog_moss_mia_12.jpg

Supermodel Kate Moss arrived by limo today at Miami International Airport to catch her flight, ending her trip to MIami. She carried along the book "Brotherhood of Warriors" in her handbag for some in-flight entertainment.

date Apr 11, 08 06:57 PM


blog_kate_leaves_04.jpg blog_kate_leaves_02.jpg blog_kate_leaves_06.jpg

Kate Moss made sure everything was taken care of in preparation for leaving Miami and those preparations included kissing two hunky guys goodbye as she left her Miami Beach hotel.

date Apr 11, 08 05:13 PM



Russell Crowe was out trying to keep fit yesterday with a personal trainer biking around Los Angeles.

date Apr 11, 08 04:04 PM



blog_serena_38.jpg blog_serena_42.jpg blog_serena_13.jpg blog_serena_33.jpg blog_serena_03.jpg blog_serena_23.jpg

Shortly after winning the Sony Ericsson Open for the 5th time in the last 7 years, Serena Williams relaxed on Miami Beach with a friend. Her pal went jetskiing while Serena basked in the sun and later the pair took a dip in the ocean together.

date Apr 11, 08 02:14 PM


blog_mavrix_banderas_griffith_12.jpg blog_mavrix_banderas_griffith_24.jpg blog_mavrix_banderas_griffith_20.jpg

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith enjoyed a lunch of sushi yesterday at Matsuhisa in Los Angeles and leisurely strolled to their car afterwards to walk it off.

date Apr 11, 08 02:11 PM


blog_mavrix_felicity_huffman_shopping_03.jpg blog_mavrix_felicity_huffman_shopping_13.jpg blog_mavrix_felicity_huffman_shopping_05.jpg

"Desperate Housewives" star Felicity Huffman got in some shopping at a children's store in Beverly Hills yesterday in the company of a mystery man.

date Apr 11, 08 02:08 PM



Phoebe Price posed for photographers along Robertson Blvd. yesterday wearing a very short dress that, with just a little gust of wind, could have easily become a major wardrobe malfunction!

date Apr 11, 08 02:02 PM


Aubrey O'Day and Khloe Kardashian were girls gone wild last night in the streets of Beverly Hills. The two were out and about attending the Kritik party at Lisa Kline.

date Apr 11, 08 01:55 PM


blog_kritik30.jpg blog_kritik44.jpg  blog_kritik49.jpg

Kim Kardashian and sister Khloe, along with Vanessa Minnillo and Aubrey O'Day posed for the cameras last night at the Kritik Party at Lisa Kline in Beverly Hills.

date Apr 11, 08 01:43 PM


blog_sarah28.jpg  blog_sarah26.jpg blog_sarah09.jpg

Among the attendees at the world premiere of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" held at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood last night were Russell Brand, Mila Kunis, Kristin Bell and Jason Segel.

The film, due in US theaters on April 18, is about a devastated man named Peter who takes a Hawaii vacation in order to deal with recent break-up with his TV star girlfriend, Sarah. Little does he know Sarah's traveling to the same resort as her ex ... and she's bringing along her new boyfriend.

date Apr 11, 08 11:52 AM


Sarah Jessica Parker was in New York City last night for an appearance on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and posed for photos and signed autographs outside the studio.

date Apr 11, 08 11:49 AM


Fergie hit the nightclub Foxtail last night for a bit of partying. I wonder if she did any one-handed cartwheels like she did in that awesome performance with Heart on "American Idol: Idol Gives Back" earlier this week?

date Apr 11, 08 11:42 AM



Brittny Gastineau flashed photographers a peace sign outside the nightclub Foxtail in West Hollywood last night.

date Apr 11, 08 11:37 AM



Lance Bass hit the town last night with a mystery date. The two stopped in at the nightclub Foxtail while out and about.

date Apr 11, 08 03:34 AM


George Clooney was in Milan promoting Leatherheads, but took time out to drink a cappuccino with his friend Walter Veltroni, leader of Partito Democratico, running for premier in the upcoming election.

date Apr 11, 08 03:31 AM


Well, all these stories about pregnancy don't seem to be true if you take a look at Fergie's trim figure today as she headed off to a hotel in Beverly Hills. Ain't no bump here!

date Apr 11, 08 03:25 AM


blog_rumer_willis_revealing_01%20copy.jpg blog_rumer_willis_figure_04%20copy.jpg blog_rumer_willis_revealing_05%20copy.jpg

Rumer Wills flaunted her figure in several outfits today during a shopping spree at Intermix.

date Apr 11, 08 03:20 AM


blog_baby06%20copy.jpg blog_baby17%20copy.jpg blog_baby08%20copy.jpg

Actress Ali Landry and other celebs arrive at The Pump House to meet "The Baby Listener", infant communications expert Priscilla Dunstan. What about Ali's little cutie!

date Apr 11, 08 03:16 AM



Jessica Alba must be craving lemons or something, not only was she dressed in a lemon colored top and matching shoes but she made sure to pick up some old fashioned lemonade too!

date Apr 11, 08 03:06 AM


blog_leatherheads_rome_24.jpg blog_leatherheads_rome_19.jpg blog_leatherheads_rome_09.jpg

George Clooney and Renee Zelwegger arrive in Italy to promote Leatherheads.

date Apr 11, 08 02:32 AM


blog_law16%20copy.jpg blog_law15%20copy.jpg blog_law01%20copy.jpg

Law & Order was filming in NY today....with what seems a very friendly dog!

date Apr 11, 08 02:25 AM




Phoebe Price got more than she bargained for today when she stopped by Intermix, the helping hand went just a little too far suggesting she raise the hemline!

date Apr 10, 08 03:54 PM


blog_george_clooney_rome_04.jpg blog_george_clooney_rome_10.jpg blog_george_clooney_rome_08.jpg

George Clooney was in Rome yesterday to present his new film with Renee Zellweger, "Leatherheads." He spoke about Italian politics as he made his way through the crowd, saying "I am a great friend of Walter Veltroni..." (Rome's mayor) and briefly talked about Obama being a voice for change.

date Apr 10, 08 03:50 PM


blog_jodie_foster_poses_rome_01.jpg blog_jodie_foster_rome_03.jpg blog_jodie_foster_rome_01.jpg

Jodie Foster was in Rome, Italy yesterday promoting her new film Nim's Island, in US theaters now. She posed for photographs during the day and signed some autographs for fans as she made her way through the crowd at her hotel in the evening.

date Apr 10, 08 03:42 PM


blog_brittany_snow_jessica_stroup_01.jpg blog_dana_davis_01.jpg blog_johnathon_schaech_01.jpg

Brittany Snow, Jessica Stroup, Dana Davis and Johnathon Schaech were among those on the red carpet at the premiere of Prom Night in Los Angeles last night.

The film tells the story of Donna, whose senior prom night is supposed to be the best of her life but a sadistic killer from her past has different plans for her and her friends. Prom Night is due in theaters on April 11.

date Apr 10, 08 12:06 PM




Reports are that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz have confirmed that they're planning to get married. The couple said in an online statement, "We know there has been a lot of speculation recently about Pete and I and we wanted our fans to be the first to know, because you guys are the best. Yes, we are thrilled to share that we are happily engaged. Thank you for all of your support and well wishes - it means the world to us. We consider this to be a very private matter, but we wanted you to hear it straight from us."

Congratulations to the happy...and very cute...couple!

date Apr 10, 08 12:05 PM



Rocker Moby has reportedly proclaimed his undying love for troubled singer Britney Spears going so far as to say he wants to marry her. Moby said, "The fatter she gets, the weirder she gets, the more I love her. I found her moderately appealing in the late '90s, but now I would marry her in a hearbeat!" Moby also commented that he believes Britney's mental health and relationship problems come from her being a child star.

date Apr 10, 08 04:07 AM


blog_ascap_09%20copy.jpg blog_ascap_20%20copy.jpg blog_ascap_26%20copy.jpg

Lionel Richie and his daughter, new mom Nicole Richie were among the guests at the ASCAP Awards in Hollywood tonight, others included Mel B who wore a see-through animal print dress....how Scary!

date Apr 10, 08 04:00 AM


blog_crowe_park_02%20copy.jpg blog_crowe_park_03%20copy.jpg blog_crowe_park_04%20copy.jpg

Russell Crowe turned into a photographer for the afternoon during a day in the park with his runaway kid. Crowe got in some exercise chasing his little one around the park and taking snaps to remember the day by.

date Apr 10, 08 03:53 AM


Is it me or is Kim Stewart's short hairdo getting shorter? We spotted Kim out and about visiting pals today in LA.

date Apr 10, 08 03:49 AM


Jason Dottley and Katherine Bailess have lunch at the Newsroon and Jason proclaims "from gay to straight in 24 hrs" after some other agencies recently called Bailess his girlfriend!

date Apr 10, 08 03:44 AM



Dean Cain, best known for his role as Superman, had a hot coffee date with a cute mystery blonde today. When they spotted our snapper they were careful to walk separately!

date Apr 10, 08 03:41 AM


Pussy Cat Dolls creator Robin Antin goes shopping on Robertson Blvd in LA.

date Apr 10, 08 03:33 AM



While aging self made model Angelyne was busy keeping her face sheilded, she may have been better off keeping something else covered up!

date Apr 10, 08 03:25 AM


blog_pinkgas14.jpg blog_pinkhosp23.jpg blog_pinkhosp31.jpg

Pink sure makes one hot motorbike chick! Following a visit to the hospital (hopefully just for a check-up) Pink clambered on her Triumph motorbike and high-tailed it over to the gas station. Pink was a very careful driver and didn't do any lane splitting, she said she's just a beginner. Loving those boots Pink!

date Apr 9, 08 11:50 PM


Lindsay Lohan visited the Neil George Salon today to have her long blonde locks washed, trimmed and styled. We caught up with her as she made a hasty exit through the rear of the salon.

date Apr 9, 08 10:37 PM




George Clooney and Renee Zellweger posed for photos today during the press conference and photo call for their new film Leatherheads at the Hotel St. Regis in Rome, Italy.

date Apr 9, 08 10:10 AM



Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz hit the town in West Hollywood last night, having dinner at the restaurant Madeos. He was stag, though, with girlfriend Ashlee Simpson nowhere in sight.

date Apr 9, 08 09:39 AM



Lisa Rinna showed the love to waiting snappers yesterday, blowing a kiss to the paparazzi after leaving the Diane Von Furstenberg boutique in West Hollywood.

date Apr 9, 08 09:14 AM



Reports are surfacing that Lindsay Lohan is being sued by a former bodyguard for non-payment for services, but Lindsay seemed to be taking it lightly yesterday, getting in some shopping at XIV Karat jewelry store in Beverly Hills.

According to reports, Lohan hired bodyguard David Kim in October 2006 to organize her around-the-clock security detail for a fee of $4000 per week. He quit six months later after Lindsay broke her word on the deal. In legal papers filed on April 8, Kim claims that he is owed 1,500 dollars for damage to his car caused when Lohan's driver crashed into his vehicle to escape paparazzi. Kim is suing for breach of contract and is seeking $55,000 in damages and unpaid wages.

date Apr 9, 08 09:08 AM


blog_minnie_29.jpg blog_minnie_02.jpg blog_minnie_14.jpg

Minnie Driver and a friend got in some baby shopping at Planet Blue in Malibu yesterday. "The Riches" star Minnie announced her pregnancy early last month on "The Tonight Show" but has not revealed who the father is.

date Apr 9, 08 09:04 AM



Jermaine Jackson and his wife, Halima Rashid, spent some quality time yesterday cleaning the windows of their Rolls Royce in Los Angeles.

date Apr 8, 08 03:06 PM


According to reports, Mischa Barton has accepted a plea bargain in her DUI case and will plea "no contest" to the DUI charge. In exchange, the marijuana charge will be dropped and the driving without a license charge will be reduced to an infraction. She will serve three years of unsupervised probation, attend an alcohol education class and pay a fine. Barton was arrested in December, 2007 after straddling lanes and failing to indicate a turn. She was found to have no license and to be driving under the influence of alcohol.

date Apr 8, 08 03:04 PM


Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty was reportedly sent to prison in London today for 14 weeks after breaching his probation order. A West London Magistrates Court ruled that Doherty had fouled his bail conditions one too many times. Doherty was given a suspended jail sentence in October last year for several drug and driving offences. He was also given an 18-month supervision order and a 12-month drug rehab order, much of which was later revoked.

date Apr 8, 08 10:39 AM



Actress Samaire Armstrong, who reportedly underwent a stint in rehab last fall and is feeling great, left the DGA theater last night showing a bit more to photographers than she likely intended.

date Apr 8, 08 10:26 AM


blog_helena_christensen_05.jpg blog_christy_turlington_ed_burns_nyc_02.jpg blog_kimberley_locke_02.jpg blog_blythe_danner_05.jpg blog_rachael_ray_04.jpg blog_petra_nemcova_13.jpg

The stars were out last night in New York at the Food Bank of New York Can-Do Awards dinner at Pier 60. Gwyneth Paltrow was honored and her mom, Blythe Danner was on hand for the occasion. Also in attendance were Helena Christensen, Ed Burns and Christy Turlington, Kimberley Locke, Rachael Ray and Petra Nemcova.

date Apr 8, 08 10:19 AM


blog_kym_johnson_01.jpgblog_cheryl_burke_01.jpg blog_jason_taylor_03.jpg

It was a night on the town for "Dancing with the Stars" professional dancers and contestants last night. Cast from the show headed out to the nightclub Villa in West Hollywood to let down their hair last night. Included in the gang were professional dancers Cheryl Burke and Kym Johnson and contestants Jason Taylor and Cristian de la Fuente.

date Apr 8, 08 10:14 AM


blog_rosanna_alexis_arquette_05.jpg blog_rosanna_alexis_arquette_02.jpg blog_rosanna_alexis_arquette_03.jpg

Two members of the Arquette family were on the town last night in Los Angeles. Actress Rosanna Arquette enjoyed dinner at the restaurant Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills and Alexis Arquette partied at the nightclub Villa in West Hollywood.

date Apr 8, 08 12:13 AM




Kate Moss made a huge splash today...at least the boat she was on did. Along with her daughter and some friends, Kate rode the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios Hollywood today.

date Apr 7, 08 09:37 PM


blog_kate_moss_starbucks_02.jpg blog_kate_moss_starbucks_04.jpg blog_kate_moss_starbucks_05.jpg

Kate Moss looks like she's adapting to life in California very well, looking the part of a California girl today as she took her daughter, Lila Grace, and a friend to the local Starbucks for a treat.

date Apr 7, 08 12:06 PM




Scary Spice Mel B, 32, has reportedly replaced Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding in the high-profile role of the Ultimo Bra Girl. Mel, who recently became a mom and wife again, was the surprise choice and is said to have won the contract due to her high profile in the United States and, of course, her enhanced curves which Mel recently toned up in preparation for the Spice Girls recent reunion World Tour.

date Apr 7, 08 09:35 AM


Britney Spears is starting to get out and about again after a brief lull in her antics. We found her chugging down an ice cold Frappuccino as she was being driven around in Manhattan Beach, California over the weekend.

date Apr 7, 08 09:30 AM


blog_good_charlotte_athens_08.jpg blog_good_charlotte_athens_03.jpg blog_good_charlotte_athens_14.jpg

Good Charlotte performed live in Athens, Greece over the weekend, rocking the Acropolis for hundreds of fans. Brothers and Joel and Benji Madden and the rest of the band put on an incredible show but were there stag. Benji's girlfriend, Paris Hilton, and Joel's wife, new mom Nicole Richie, were not on the road with them.

date Apr 7, 08 09:12 AM



Jermaine Jackson and his wife, Halima Rashid, enjoyed a stroll over the weekend in Los Angeles.

Jackson was the guest of honor at the Muslim Writers Awards 2008 which recognizes Britain’s literary talent. During his televised interview, he delighted those in attendance by asking the host to refer to him by his chosen Muslim name of “Muhammad”.

date Apr 7, 08 01:34 AM


blog_emmy_awards_gala_06.jpg blog_emmy_awards_gala_104.jpg blog_emmy_awards_gala_51.jpg

Things were looking swell on the red carpet tonight for the 51st Annual Emmy Awards Gala in NY.

date Apr 6, 08 09:14 AM



blog_miss_usa_preliminary_03.jpg blog_miss_usa_preliminary_04.jpg blog_miss_usa_preliminary_18.jpg

The Miss USA Preliminaries were held in Las Vegas last night at Planet Hollywood. On hand at the event were Miss Nevada, Veronica Grabowski, Miss Florida, Jessica Rafalowski, Zowie Bowie, current Miss USA, Rachel Smith in addition to the other contestants.

date Apr 6, 08 09:11 AM



"24" star Kiefer Sutherland signed autographs for a throng of fans outside The Ivy in London last night.

date Apr 6, 08 08:54 AM


blog_antonio_sabato_jr_13.jpg blog_antonio_sabato_jr_16.jpg blog_antonio_sabato_jr_18.jpg

Actor Antonio Sabato, Jr. and his mom and dad showed off Antonio's new restaurant, Prego, yesterday. The newly remodeled restaurant opens in Beverly Hills next week.

date Apr 6, 08 02:22 AM


Hollywood legend Charlton Heston passed away on Saturday at his home in Beverly Hills, he was 84 years old. The actor, best known for his role in Ben-Hur, passed away with his wife Lydia by his side. Heston is seen here in 2002.

date Apr 6, 08 02:10 AM


blog_spelling_park_09.jpg blog_spelling_park_19.jpg blog_spelling_park_20.jpg

Tori Spelling and hubby Dean took adorable son Liam for a day in the park. Pregnant Tori is looking blooming lovely don't ya think? Liam laughed as his dad took him on the slide and the couple shared a romantic kiss as they sat on the bench. Aaahhhh!

date Apr 5, 08 09:48 PM


blog_kate_moss_starbucks_malibu_01.jpg blog_kate_moss_starbucks_malibu_05.jpg blog_kate_moss_starbucks_malibu_13.jpg

Kate Moss along with daughter, Lila, and some friends stopped in at the local Starbucks in Malibu today for to Starbucks in Malibu today for some coffees.

date Apr 5, 08 04:24 PM


Reports are in that Beyonce and Jay Z have tied the knot! The two have dated for six years and finally got married in New York City yesterday. They chose the date because 4/4/08 has a special significance to them. White was the color of choice at the ceremony with guests wearing cream-colored outfits. Attendees at the small, private ceremony included Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles, her father and manager Mathew, her sister Solange, Destiny's Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, and friend Gwyneth Paltrow.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

date Apr 5, 08 04:19 PM


Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker hit the town in LA earlier this week and we caught up with him outside Foxtail restaurant and lounge in West Hollywood.

date Apr 5, 08 11:35 AM


blog_cameron_diaz_sisters_keeper_04.jpg blog_cameron_diaz_sisters_keeper_09.jpg blog_cameron_diaz_sisters_keeper_14.jpg

This movie is based off of the book "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Piccoult.

Cameron Diaz
works with Abigail Breslin on the set of the new film "My Sister's Keeper," based upon the book of the same name by Jodi Piccoult. In the film, due out in 2009, a former attorney returns to the courtroom after her young daughter learns the truth behind her conception, and looks to be emancipated from her parents.

date Apr 5, 08 02:33 AM


blog_moss_disneyland_02.jpg blog_moss_disneyland_04.jpg blog_moss_disneyland_03.jpg

Kate Moss took her daughter and entourage to Disneyland today. Moss got into the spirit of things, going on rides including the Teacups and was even spotted smiling!

date Apr 5, 08 02:24 AM


blog_kutcher_spread_51.jpg blog_kutcher_spread_48.jpg blog_kutcher_spread_25.jpg


Ashton Kutcher was jumping for joy (or a paycheck) today while filming a scene with Anne Heche for his new movie, Spread. Don't know what this particular scene is about...shopping one presumes, but the overall film is said to be a "sex comedy centered on a serial womanizer and his jilted lover" according to imdb.

date Apr 4, 08 01:00 AM



Kate Moss caused mayhem amongst the photographers today as she shopped at Fred Segal in LA. There was lots of photograher swatting with hand bags and the security came to her rescue to keep the eager snappers at bay. Moss was making the most of the current black and white stripe fashion and combined it with a pair of shorts she wore yesterday.

date Apr 4, 08 12:55 AM


blog_lindsay_lohan_nails_10.jpg blog_lindsay_lohan_nails_08.jpg blog_lindsay_lohan_nails_03.jpg

Lindsay Lohan was sporting an interesting nail design today during an shoe shopping outing in LA. She was going for the ummmmm, spotty look?

date Apr 4, 08 12:50 AM



Queen Latifah, current Jenny Craig spokes person, was out getting her apple for the day.....no not that kind of apple, an Apple. Dressed down in sweats, the actress and singer was spotted at the computer store at the Grove in LA.

date Apr 4, 08 12:42 AM


blog_jack_jill_premiere_07.jpg blog_jack_jill_premiere_03.jpg blog_jack_jill_premiere_01.jpg

Celebs walk the red carpet for the Jack and Jill vs. the World premiere in LA. Taryn Manning showed but the other lead, Freddie Prinze Jr. was a no show!

date Apr 4, 08 12:40 AM


James Blunt performs in concert in Milan, enjoy!

date Apr 4, 08 12:37 AM


The Counting Crows performed live today at the Grove in LA.

date Apr 3, 08 09:58 AM


Paris Hilton tops a new list of the "Most Overexposed Celebrity in America." Paris beat out all other celebs, including Britney Spears and party girl Lindsay Lohan, according to a survey by Los Angeles-based E-Poll Market Research to reign at the top. Go Paris! Always on the top!

date Apr 3, 08 09:53 AM


New mom Nicole Richie has reportedly announced that she will be launching a clothing line for pregnant women. The line will be influenced by Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquiere. "I wore so much Balenciaga during my pregnancy that he was one of my main inspirations," Richie said.

Nicole gave birth to her first child, daughter Harlow, in January and wants to help make women look and feel good at a really emotional time in their lives. She said, a"It's about showing your best self, not your tired, worn-down self. Guys don't go through that, they just don't understand."

date Apr 3, 08 09:36 AM



It's reported that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have planned a secret getaway together to see if they can still be friends. Since their bitter divorce and custody battle that began in 2006, the two have not gotten along. But, it now seems a reconciliation could be possible.

According to the reports, the two saw each other on Easter and the meeting went so well that they agreed to take a private trip together in an attempt to work on their relationship. A friend said "Kevin wants to take Britney away to see if there is anything to salvage between them. When he suggested it to her, she told him she was ready to go anytime he was."

date Apr 3, 08 09:29 AM



Phoebe Price enjoyed a day out in Los Angeles yesterday and made sure not to run out of gas by stopping to fill up her Mercedes at a local gas station.

date Apr 3, 08 08:45 AM


blog_rolling_stones_shine_a_light_01.jpg blog_rolling_stones_shine_a_light_04.jpg blog_rolling_stones_shine_a_light_02.jpg

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards attended the UK premiere of their new movie "Shine a Light" yesterday. Directed by Martin Scorsese, the film is a career-spanning documentary on the Rolling Stones, with concert footage from their "A Bigger Bang" tour.

date Apr 3, 08 12:41 AM


blog_cloud_nine_dinner_03.jpg blog_cloud_nine_dinner_06.jpg blog_cloud_nine_dinner_05.jpg

Contestants attend the On top of Cloud 9 - Miss USA Dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy in Las Vegas.

date Apr 2, 08 11:36 PM


blog_rihanna_video_02.jpg blog_rihanna_video_03.jpg blog_rihanna_video_04.jpg

Rihanna shoots a sizzling video in a silver Porsche wearing a pair of skin tight jeans, red leather jacket and high heeled boots. The video is for her next single Take a Bow of her hit album Good Girl Gone Bad.

date Apr 2, 08 11:09 PM


Has bad girl Amy Winehouse gone good? Well, even if she hasn't she has proved that she has proper manners or at least is quite nice. She took pity on the paparazzi camped outside her home in the chilly London weather today and she and her pals delivered mugs of tea and boxes of snacks to the photographers.

date Apr 2, 08 11:08 PM


We caught up with Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham in Beverly Hills today as she got into her car after lunching with friends.

date Apr 2, 08 11:04 PM


blog_rosanna_arquette_lunch_date_02.jpg blog_rosanna_arquette_lunch_date_09.jpg blog_rosanna_arquette_lunch_date_19.jpg

Rosanna Arquette had lunch today with Linda Ramone, the widow of Johnny Ramone, at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills.

date Apr 2, 08 11:00 PM



Velvet Revolver announced today that the band has parted ways with singer Scott Weiland. A statement on the band's website reads "Velvet Revolver founding members Slash, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and Dave Kushner announced today that they are parting ways with singer Scott Weiland. 'This band is all about its fans and its music and Scott Weiland isn't 100% committed to either,' said Slash. 'Among other things, his increasingly erratic on-stage behavior and personal problems have forced us to move on.'

date Apr 2, 08 02:47 PM


It's reported that Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z filed for a marriage license in Scarsdale Village, NY yesterday. No word on a date but the document is valid for 60 days so the clock is ticking!

date Apr 2, 08 12:19 AM


It's reported that Britney Spears who is fresh off her television appearance on "How I Met Your Mother" is reuniting with the man who made her famous: former manager Larry Rudolph.

The roller coaster professional relationship between the two in Brit's early years ended with her publicly blaming him for pressuring her into rehab. Maybe she's realized that tough love is the best love? I wonder if he can help her get her career (and life?) back on track?

date Apr 1, 08 10:52 PM




Reese Witherspoon has reportedly purchased this new romantic retreat to spend some quality time with her beau Jake Gylenhaal. The super cute couple's love nest is situated in a private community in the heart of the Ojai valley in Southern California. Originally built by famed architect, Wallace Neff, the home has been professionally re-designed by Kathryn Ireland and has four bedrooms, three baths and a new master suite. It is nestled amongst trees and sits on more than six acres in an equestrian area. It was listed at $6,950,000.

date Apr 1, 08 10:45 PM



Britney Spears was out and about town in Los Angeles today. She got in some shopping at Tracey Ross on Sunset Blvd, making a fashion statement by wearing her t-shirt inside out. Her bodyguard was worried about her safety as she left and called the police to make sure she got to her vehicle safely.

date Apr 1, 08 10:40 PM


blog_paula_abdul_beverly_hills_18.jpg blog_paula_abdul_beverly_hills_08.jpg blog_paula_abdul_beverly_hills_06.jpg
"American Idol" judge
Paula Abdul
had lunch today in Beverly Hills and attracted quite a crowd! In true perky Paula style, she chatted and posed for photographs with fans.

date Apr 1, 08 10:36 PM


blog_eddie_murphy_chows_03.jpg blog_eddie_murphy_chows_12.jpg blog_eddie_murphy_chows_04.jpg

Eddie Murphy wore all black today with a snazzy hat as he lunched at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills, smiling and waving at photographers on his way out afterwards.

date Apr 1, 08 10:31 PM



"The Hills" star Audrina Patridge hosted the Sheiki Jeans fashion show at The Estate in Boston last week. The fashion forward starlet reportedly partied like a rock star at the event and loved her first trip to Boston...except for the cold weather, that is.

date Apr 1, 08 10:19 PM


Patrick Dempsey's career just seems to keep skyrocketing. His role on "Grey's Anatomy" as Dr. McDreamy and his stint as a Versace model launched him into Hollywood hunkdom and now, Avon wants him, too! It's reported that Dempsey is working with Avon to be the face of a new men's fragrance due for launch in November. The association is no coincidence, either. His wife, Jillian Fink Dempsey, is Avon's global creative color director. His contract with the beauty product company could bring him $5 to 6 million. Not too shabby!