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Holy crap! I can't believe the kind of response I received to my last Hugh Laurie post. I guess he has a ton of fans out there, because they all seem to be coming out of the woodwork to tell me how sexy he is. (And don't even get me started on what some of you said that you wanted to do to him!)

I love it when you guys post comments, it's great to know that you guys are reading my blog. On an editorial note, we're going to be making a couple of changes to the MavrixOnline site to make it better for ya'll...soon you'll be able to register and log in to post comments, so I won't have to individually approve each post. Also, the site will look even cooler than it already does (as if that's even possible!).

Anyway, thanks again to Lindsay, the "Hugh-O-Holic", Ada, Val, Sandra, Bruna, June, Sarah, Theresa, Lindsey and everyone else who helped me see the hotness that is Hugh. Keep up the commenting, guys!

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Taylor Swift, whose Pandora station I'm currently listening to, performed at the Country Thunder concert with Carrie Underwood last night. I'm obviously a pretty big fan, as evidenced by the fact that I've been known to sing really obnoxiously to just about every one of her songs when I drive down the road. Love her!

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blog_mamma_mia_premiere_08.jpg blog_mamma_mia_premiere_17.jpg blog_mamma_mia_premiere_38.jpg

Mamma Mia! had its premiere party last night, complete with stars Amanda Seyfried and Meryl Streep. I read somewhere that the entire movie was leaked on the Internet, but I don't have the patience to download that kind of stuff, so I'll probably just see it in the theater. Amanda is also in the HBO show Big Love, which is coming back for its third season next year. Keep your eye on this up and coming actress, I predict big things for her in the future.

date Jul 17, 08 09:05 AM



Yesterday, Carrie Underwood played a concert at Country Thunder. Are you ready for the dish? Arch-rival is set to perform at the same shindig later. Jessica is currently dating Carrie's ex boyfriend, Tony Romo. He reportedly dumped her to go with Jessica, who was photographed a couple of weeks ago wearing a shirt that read "Real Girls Eat Meat".

Carrie is a vegetarian and PETA supporter.

What do you think? Are you on Team Carrie or Team Jessica?

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Injured soccer uber-star Christiano Ronaldo and his gimpy leg are in Hollywood this week, and went to Crown Bar last night. First Brittny Gastineau, now Christiano? Quick, somebody buy me a plane ticket and help me pack up my half dozen cats! I've got a club to go to!

On a gossip note, rumor has it that Paris Hilton was flirting with Ronaldo two nights ago, but he turned his back on her and walked (err...limped?) away. Burn!

Anyway, we at MavrixOnline wish Christiano a speedy and safe recovery. Personally, I can't wait to see him sweaty and ripping off his jersey again on the field!

date Jul 17, 08 08:48 AM


Brittny Gastineau hit up Crown Bar in Hollywood last night, and although I love that girl to death, I'm not quite sure about her dress. It looks a little too dominatrix-ey for me, and it seems as though her poor boob is trying desperately to escape from the bondage. I'm also disappointed to see that she's a member of the peace sign club (although I suppose it's better than flipping off the camera, like some stars).

On another note, mad props and a shout out to Grace, who helped me see the "Hugh Laurie is Hot" light with her comment!

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Yesterday, Heidi Montag was promoting the Wii for a females gaming crew that she was getting trained on. Earlier in the week, she was also seen having lunch with John McCain's daughter. Before that, she was photographed shooting guns.

Quick question: what doesn't Heidi Montag do? Because it looks to me like she can do just about anything.

date Jul 16, 08 07:43 PM


blog_sordid_lives_001.jpg blog_sordid_lives_060.jpg blog_sordid_lives_084a.jpg

blog_sordid_lives_088.jpg blog_sordid_lives_090.jpg blog_sordid_lives_092.jpg

blog_sordid_lives_095.jpg blog_sordid_lives_100.jpg blog_sordid_lives_102.jpg

Sordid Lives, one of the hottest shows to hit TV in forever, is finally going to hit the MTV Logo network. I seriously can't wait to see Jason Dottley. I think I'll die of desire if he takes his shirt off, and I'm not even kidding. The show was written by his soon to be husband, Del Shores (who is more than a little bit of a genius).

It also has all sorts of different famous people, like Olivia Newton-John ("Grease"), Rue McClanahan ("The Golden Girls"), Leslie Jordan ("Will & Grace"), Caroline Rhea (one of the funniest ladies on earth), Bonnie Bedelia ("Die Hard"), Beth Grant ("Little Miss Sunshine")

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At 2am this morning, Andy Dick was arrested on drug and sexual battery charges. Police pulled up to his Douchemobile van and found that he had Xanax and some pot in his pockets. Sounds like a party, right?

Well, not so much when you factor in that he also sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl. He allegedly pulled down her shirt and bra in the middle of the street. After a lineup on the street, both the girl and another witness fingered Dick as the culprit. He was thrown in jail and bail was set at $5,000. It has been reported that he's still locked up (sounds like he can't make his own bail?).

I seriously hope that the legal system throws the effin' book at this toolbag. He's been causing enough problems for the last several years, and now he's assaulting minors? That's even low for him, which is saying quite a bit. I hope he catches the wrath that R. Kelly and Michael Jackson missed out on, and that the hardened criminals he's currently sharing a jail cell with have their way with him. Then again, maybe he'd like that. Barf.

date Jul 16, 08 08:10 AM


blog_miley_cyrus_06.jpg blog_miley_cyrus_11.jpg blog_miley_cyrus_27.jpg

blog_miley_cyrus_50.jpg blog_miley_cyrus_34.jpg blog_miley_cyrus_01.jpg

Okay, at first I was totally on the Miley Cyrus train of tween awesome, but I'm starting to really get sick of her. She's everywhere! EVERYWHERE!

I get in my car to go shopping, and she's on the radio. I get to the store, and her face is plastered all over the tee shirts. I get back home to find that she's on my TV. And don't even get me started on my nieces, who love her and made their mom stand in line for practically six months to get tickets to her concert. Those Olsen twins better watch their backs, cause Miley's coming for them.

Anyway, here's Miley taking a break from expanding her massive empire to ride a roller coaster.

date Jul 16, 08 08:00 AM


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Tom and Suri Cruise went for a family set visit to see Katie Holmes whilst she filmed Eli Stone yesterday. Tom saved the day by finding Suri's doll which was almost left behind on the set before they left without it. Way to go SuperDad!!