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Mavrix’ photographer’s determination to “get that picture” has earned us universal respect in one of the worlds most competitive industries.

Our top of the range camera equipment coupled with state of the art technology and the talented eye of our photographers will keep you in the front line of hot celebrity news and gossip.

Mavrixonline.com hosts thousands of pages of celebrity content and photos.

This Blog reflects only the opinions of it’s writers and is purely for entertainment purposes. All photos posted are the copyright of Mavrix Photo Inc or it’s suppliers and are watermarked as such.

You cannot use Mavrix’ images in any way without first agreeing licensing fees.

Unauthorized use constitutes Copyright infingement.


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  1. Kei HAMANAKA says:


    I manage celeb news application for iOS in Japanese users.

    this application is a free celeb news aggregator(rss reader),
    I want to change this application to celeb news application.

    therefore I want to use your pictures for this application.
    Please tell price to use your pictures.

    please tell me your detail price list.
    (ex, price for month, price per a picture, and price for page views…)

    best regards.


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